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Performance of Employer Branding strategy

Problems with hiring physicians have been perceptible for a while (lack of certifying physicians is a consequence of shortage of physicians in the entire health protection system), yet along with entry into force of provisions on disbursement of the PLN 500 benefit to adult persons with disabilities who are incapable of independent existence, the Social Insurance Company as the employer noticed it the most acutely. As estimated by the Social Insurance Company, applications for the new benefit may be submitted by as many as 850,000 people.

Most of them will have to undergo an examination by a physician who will determine whether they are incapable of independent existence. This means that approx. 200 certifying physicians are needed in the Social Insurance Company.

Our role was to design the employer branding strategy and to implement an extensive campaign “Examine Your Career” with the aim of sourcing certifying physicians or persons from the industry who are ready to retrain.

Social Insurance Company (ZUS)

Performance date:

Scope of work:
Employer branding strategy, video, key visuals, website, recruitment marketing

Effects of our cooperation

  • increase in awareness of the employer’s brand and reaching out to a broad group of recipients (target group) and efficient recruitment of desired persons
  • change in the stereotypical perception of ZUS as an archaic and conservative employer for an innovative and modern institution