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employer branding

employer branding_

We will make sure that in the eyes of candidates and employees, your company is the only and unique place to pursue passion and to develop competence.

Since the very beginning, Grow Agency has excellently understood our business needs, providing professional solutions in the area of employer branding and recruitment. The proposed activities also assist us in creating a friendly and attractive work place. This would not have been possible without cooperation based on trust and openness, that is the values dear to LINK4.
Marta Kowalska
Recruitment and Talent Growth Manager | LINK4
public relations

public relations_

We will take care of your communication positioning and distinguish you from the competition with a content that “sells.”

The agency’s personnel includes a number of true gems, i.e. persons who are resourceful, diligent and, above all, listen to the clients and try to satisfy their needs. Starting from minor marketing orders and ending with massive substance-related projects: the Agency can handle it all!
Anna Streżyńska
CEO | MC2 Innovations
social media

social media_

Remarkable creations, substance-based communication, engaging campaigns. We will take care of your brand comprehensively.

Grow Agency is a team of buffs who lead the client along the meanders of communication in the social media, clarify its secrets and find optimum solutions in employer branding and recruitment marketing projects.
Aldona Szkołut-Szczepankiewicz
HR Director | Lagardere Travel Retail Polska
Graphics & animation

graphics & animation_

Education, internal communication, branding and image building or sales - in each of these areas we need to be accompanied by original, attracting and distinctive graphics or animations.

We felt the effects of cooperation with Grow immediately. Such a review speaks for itself. Our cooperation was perfect because the Grow team is made up of great people, working with whom is a pleasure.
Jakub Granat
CEO | JoBot24
Video & photo

Video & photo_

Did you know that good photos and videos 'sell'? Build a positive image of your brand by reaching the best candidates, clients or partners with your image.

A fruitful cooperation within the implementation of an employer branding spot for our Ministry is behind us. I highly appreciate the creativity, professionalism and efficient organisation of the commissioned project, and I am therefore pleased to recommend Grow Agency as a Contractor worth recommending.
Małgorzata Maludzińska
Director of the Management Office
Human Resources | Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy
IT projects

IT projects_

Software house with HR and marketing soul? You have come to the right place! Developers and designers of websites or applications at Grow are specialists who create products that meet the highest technological and marketing standards.

What is Grow’s strongest point? Definitely the people – competent specialists who can be counted on in the face of various complex projects, people who approach every challenge with a head full of ideas, energy and a smile. It is a team that, quite simply, is great to work with.
Karolina Grzelczyk
Early Talent Manager | Mars Polska
Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing_

A service to support employer branding processes, the main task of which is:

  • ensuring better online exposure for your employer brand
  • positioning of jobs using digital marketing
  • reaching the desired target group more quickly (and more attractively!)