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We are the only agency specialising in the human resources issues, but we are not afraid of venturing beyond this area - we have been cooperating with brands from the construction industry, FMCG, retail, production and new technologies.

Our understanding of public relations contradicts the set schemes – today’s #PR is not only about relations with the media, but the entire communication eco-system of a brand. Therefore, we take care of the content that “sells” and event marketing (in the on-line and off-line version), as well as proper positioning in the social media. Our PR department comprises experts who are seasoned in public relations, copywriting and content marketing.

In spite of the fact that we are an agency from Warsaw, we support companies throughout the country and abroad. Join them and take care of the positive image of your brand!

_How do you know that we do it correctly?


  • Your content will be willingly published and read – by journalists, influencers and clients
  • You will be positioned as the opinion leader – an authority in your industry
  • No crisis will affect you – we will not let it happen!


  • Your brand will be efficiently communicated to the target group – via events, media relations and content marketing
  • You will systematically generate leads, while your traders will receive measurable sales support
  • You will receive a package of necessary materials – press releases, reports, e-books, leaflets, etc.


  • You will receive an additional tool to reach your target group – dedicated on-line and off-line events
  • You will be provided with technical, moderation and communication assistance – we will handle the entire organisational burden
  • We will furnish you with strategic support and counselling – at every stage of project performance

_What distinguishes us?

We are the owner of
the HRnews.pl website.

We organise
cyclical webinars

We publish the signature
#TrendyHR report, etc.

We organise an on-line think-tank
about communication, EB and PR

_#PR in numbers

Dedicated events
Company profiles in social media
Communication strategies
Operated press offices
“Brand experience” workshops
MC2 Innovations
Performance of communication strategy
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Performance of communication strategy
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Fiabilis Consulting Group
Implementation of communication strategy
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Global firm from the e-commerce sector (women's and men's fashion)
Performance of communication & Social Media strategy
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Performance of communication strategy
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_Clients about us

We commenced working with Grow Agency in 2019 and we already know that we will also do projects together in 2020. This is because they made a very good impression with their engagement, a desire to give us any help and an offer tailored to our needs. We greatly value such business partners!
Monika Bieda
Maketing Manager | softgarden
They are passionate. They are kind and open to the client’s needs: they do not stick to any stiff framework, but they offer new proposals and think outside the box. They assisted us in PR actions and in lead sourcing. Thank you for your great engagement and we are looking forward to working on other projects in the future. I heartily recommend them!
Kazimierz Żurek
Marketing Manager | 4Results