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#ALDI Polska

Performance of communication & Social Media strategy

ALDI Polska is undergoing a significant change and image transformation - not only at the Polish, but also the international market. Whilst designing a new edition of the EB campaign together with the Partner, we focused on an authentic and honest message.

We wanted to show the reality of work in the retail industry and duties at various positions. We say boldly and openly that such work is not for everyone, and that not everyone will adjust to its dynamics, which is a part of our daily life. On the other hand, we wish to stress that #teamALDI is made up of kind people who make the newly hired employees welcome. We want to show that ALDI Polska is a place that offers space for development.

Support for the client focuses on regular and active operation within the scope of meeting the objectives of the company. Performance of projects takes place at multiple levels, accounting for the diversity of needs.

ALDI Polska

Performance date:
2021 – to date

Scope of work:
Key visuals, website, social media, ambassador programme, special actions

Effects of our cooperation

  • systematic procurement of new fans/ followers and increase in reaching the potentially interested recipients via organic activities via LinkedIn
  • support for the company’s strategy within the scope of building a leader position at the market
  • increase in the awareness of the employer brand and reaching to a broad group of recipients
  • engagement of current employees