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#Lorenz Polska

Performance of communication & Social Media strategy

Lorenz product portfolio encompasses all categories of snacks: chips, extruded products, nuts and savoury bread.

The Lorenz brand covers numerous mono-brands, well-known to consumers, such as Crunchips, Monster Munch, NicNac’s, Curly, Chipsleen, Popcorn, Wiejskie Ziemniaczki. Lajkonik also belongs to the Lorenz group. Our role consisted in preparation of a strategy for the Lorenz Polska profile on LinkedIn. The present communication has a corporate character, encompassing 3 areas: corporate/ strategic, employer branding and branding. LinkedIn communication within the corporate and brand scope is consistent with the brand activities, operation of Lorenz on FB, Instagram and PR.

Lorenz Polska

Performance date:
2021 – to date

Scope of work:
Content planning, copywriting, graphic and video materials, profile moderation

Effects of our cooperation

  • systematic procurement of new followers and increase in reaching out to the potentially interested recipients via organic activities
  • support for the company’s strategy within the scope of building a “leader in the category of responsible snacks”