Kariera w GROW


Performance of communication strategy

Our Partner - a company delivering fringe benefits for organisations in Poland (coupons, virtual cards) - operates primarily on a seasonal basis with respect to marketing and intensifies its actions in the holiday periods. We accompanied Sodexo in the context of a Christmas campaign. The activities were focused on content marketing and systemic generation of leads.

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Polska

Performance date:

Scope of work:
Communication strategy, substantive and graphic preparation of a report and e-book, regular social media communication, editing of expert materials, event marketing, substantive counselling

Effects of our cooperation

  • high attendance at the #HRonAir webinars – in total over 700 registrations
  • attractive statistics in the area of openness and clickability of mailing (on average -> OR at the level of 20%, CR at the level of 8%)
  • high interest of HR experts in e-books “Motivational (re)Start) and “Giving Guidebook” in total over 4,000 unique downloads accomplishment of graphic consistency within the scope of graphic on-line and off-line creations
  • strong positioning as compared to competitors, including the main competitor in the area of fringe benefits